What we do

One of the biggest things that a service organization should do is to LISTEN. Customers come in the front door with complex problems and the dreams they want to realize. It comes down to asking the right questions when a client is telling you their story to make a project reach the right outcome.

A web site is just that. A story. And when a customer comes in with problems with their site or tales of woe, it is usually a story of sites that might have been, troubles experienced and dreams not achieved.

As a site owner and professional web site architect and administrator, I’ve seen a lot of this kind of thing happen. And occasionally, just occasionally, I’ve seen projects happen where it all came together as if by providence. But that is the rare exception and not the rule.

More often than not, it takes work to take an imperfect vision or project and make it succeed.

What do we do? We ask what your pain point is. We ask what your vision is. We LISTEN. Then we come up with ways to make your vision come true with you as the partner.

Some of our services are to examine your website(s) and provide the independent assessment of all aspects of the site in a written report along with an in-person discussion to help your business get a handle on the management, security and overall processes needed to operate your site better.

But what we really like to do is listen, help you find a path that makes sense and then guide you and your web site in the right direction. And we teach you how to better manage your site and not to have to depend on us. The operative analogy here? We’re more interested in teaching you how to fish than to catch the fish for you.

Perhaps that is old fashioned. But that is what works in business, relationships and yes, even web site design and repairs.

We would love to help you to help yourself.

What we are NOT

We do not build websites.  We evaluate what has been built and will assist you in envisioning what your site could be and how to reach your goals.

We do not promise to increase your site rankings in Google or other search engines. We’re not going to throw a lot of strange terms at you. We will communicate in a straightforward and no-nonsense way. We’re here to teach you how to help yourself and to take control of your website and not have it control you.

We do not promise miracles or tell you what you want to hear. We’re here to tell you the truth as we see it and then work through the challenges to make you successful.

How long have we been doing this?

Our founder, Jon Almada has been in the web administration and IT business for 36 years and worked in secure environments handling day-to-day maintenance, site installations, troubleshooting and more.

Our goal is to translate this vast body of experience into a tool to help your business succeed.

We’ve worked with a wide variety of web server types, content management systems and document management systems over the last quarter century.  Allow us to partner with you for an honest, open and independent evaluation of your website(s).

Skill sets

  • Web server configuration.
  • Web site installation and maintenance.
  • Configure Metrics Capture Systems.
  • Weblogic and Oracle Web Content Center Installations and configuration.
  • Diagnostics.
  • Documentation.
  • Document Management Systems.
  • Streaming media server installation and configuration.
  • Youtube site creation, evaluation and recommendations.
  • Training.
  • Troubleshooting

and much more.