Forwarding domains in Google Domains

As I was building this site, I noted I needed to forward another domain of mine to point to this site. It’s a pretty simple thing to do in any standard DNS configuration, but in this case, I was using Google Domains.

The problem was, I wanted to forward any requests to the root domain to the new destination domain. And Google Domains was NOT friendly about giving me the answer.

So it is really simple, once you think about it. Just add an “@” symbol to the “Subdomain to foward” dropdown (see image below) and enter your destination domain url, press “Add” and it is that simple!

Example of adding a root domain forward for a domain to forward web requests to a new domain – Just add the ampersand and the domain to forward to and voila!

Signs of Spring

This winter has been one for the record books and we were going a little stir-crazy with the amount of bad weather that has kept us from really getting out and enjoying life for the last few months. So when we got the chance to head out, I grabbed the video camera and documented the now prominent signs of Spring that are everywhere to be seen. I hope you enjoy it and also that you get outside and see your own beautiful sights as life reawakens from the Winter slumber.


I’ve worked in and around aerospace for most of my adult life. And now that is all about to end and a new future is opening up.

My expertise is in web based systems as well as many other aspects of computing, but I also have a wide range of outdoor interests and hobbies as well as a ranch I live on and am slowly taking on the role of running now.

This post is more for me than for anyone else. I just want to remember this moment before the site becomes whatever it will be.  All endeavors begin with a simple human desire to express one’s self and I am lucky to have a lot of God-given talents and gifts that make this all possible, so now it is just down to will power and a sense of adventure.

I’m getting started now and hope you’ll come along for the ride ;>)

Jon AKA “Afterburner”