Commentary and Reviews

I review a lot of YouTube and Bitchute channels here on the site. I resorted to making my commentary here because of YouTube’s highly restrictive policies and shadow banning activity which makes open and and honest comments all but impossible on their platform. I deleted all of my content off the YouTube platform some time back in protest of their policies and things have just gotten worse since the events of 2020 and 2021 have occurred in the country. I have loaded a couple of short videos on YouTube since, but am working out how to press forward and may just abandon YouTube for my content altogether. It’s a tough spot to be in but I think it’s time to embrace platforms that promote free speech and do not engage in the practices I see being done on YouTube. Facebook and Twitter have been utterly abandoned as worthless by millions and their ability to remain solvent looks doubtful if the big platforms become echo chambers of a singular viewpoint that is decidedly in the minority of the population of this planet.

The best move when dealing with totalitarian thought and practices is to go around it whenever possible. As such, I am looking to use either Bitchute or Rumble for my content and we’ll see how it goes.

This site is the place I speak my mind and include the videos I am commenting on be they from YouTube or Bitchute channels outside of my own content. I see free speech as an absolute duty to exercise in this country during these strange times we live in.  You will see posts throughout the site on channels I like and some I don’t like so much. It’s my right to speak up and say what I will and that is the beauty of that amazing Bill of Rights we are blessed with in this country.

Note that in the video I share below on the Bill of Rights, the host incorrectly speaks about the purpose of the second amendment. The second amendment is to defend your self from a tyrannical government and or foreign and domestic threats. Otherwise, it is a fast and great reference to the 10 amendments that have kept us free for over two centuries.