UFO… just say the word… And ignore the “News”

UFO… Not a “UAP”

I have never understood this need to confuse language with new acronyms. The latest is this need to renamed Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) with the new fad term “UAP” or “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”.

I don’t get it. What kind of game is this? Have the powers behind the curtain decided to seize control of the language of UFO culture and redefine it in their mysterious and unabashedly lying ways which only benefit their interests while leaving the rest of the world clueless?

It’s clear there is something wrong with this new “openness” movement. What follows is my opinion only. Witness the fiasco of the “To The Stars” propaganda effort and how it is now nothing more than another media company.  Speaking of media. Try searching for the word “UFO” on YouTube. What you get is a giant list of videos by the news media. NOT the authorities on the subject which are UFO groups and specialists.

Yeah… That makes a lot of sense… Letting the so-called “News Media” be the experts on UFOs. I’m sorry to burst the bubbles of the people behind this little scam but we are not buying this game of yours. We’ll go around your filters and find information despite your pathetic attempt to get control of public thought on this topic.

Also… be careful of the so-called experts. Double-check EVERYTHING said to the public by these people and insure that what is being said is indeed what it is being advertised to be. Remember, they are media people and few of them are actually in this subject without the love of a) Publicity and b) Money.

Let’s just cut to the chase. We in the UFO, Paranormal and Anomaly communities are not going to play in the people running the disinformation sandbox.

So… Whenever someone says “UAP” to me it’s going to be corrected to what it is… “U.F.O.”.


Search results for term “UFO” on YouTube. News media are NOT experts on UFOs and never will be. Ever.

Remember… The real experts are out there. But news organizations are NOT experts. They are employees of the people behind the scenes manipulating public thought. Whatever is going on, it is clear there is a concerted effort to confuse, misdirect and obfuscate the truth by making the REAL information hard to find. Keep digging for the real information and ignore the flapping lips of the useless media.