Politically Correct Star Trek

Star Trek – The land of the PC Amazons

This is going to be a rant. And it is plainly spoken. For sensitive SJWs and Woke people, now is the time to leave before your sensitive world views are hit by truth.

This post started off because I took notice of the SJW, Left of Center casting on the new Star Trek “Strange New Worlds” series and commented on it on YouTube.

Hollywood is REALLY pushing the character promos on YouTube and it is blanketed with short videos detailing the characters. It’s kind of hard to escape seeing it.

I took notice of the fact that there are very few white men in the cast. The sheer horror of that statement was immediately pounced on by the leftist nannybots haunting YouTube’s comment sections.

The outrage was predictable. How DARE I have an opinion that counters the views of the Hollywood Elites. Even worse, HOW DARE I point out a simple fact!

I wrote this piece because the all too sensitive and delicate ears at YouTube CANNOT handle plain speech and censored my reply on one of the commentaries.

Star Trek was always progressive in it’s approach to roles and diversity in the series. It was BALANCED in it’s approach however. That was what made it believable. What I see with the new series is just… well… “Woke”. Period.

Balance in diversity has evidently been chucked right out the window with the Strange New Worlds series just as it was with Discovery.

So… let’s just cut to the chase: Have you seen more than a few white men in these series? It’s so out of balance that one can only guess that some disaster caused the extinction of most white men in the 21st Century. SOMETHING must have happened to them for so few to be left, right?

Perhaps it was that vaccine thing in the early 2020s.

I’m TOTALLY for equality of the sexes. I have ZERO problem with diverse crews. What I DO have a problem with is pushing people of one particular race and sex out of acting and entertainment because it is all the rage due to the SJW and Feminist mindset . All of this just to punish men who, for the most part, have done NOTHING to them other than commit the horrific crime of existing.

At this point, the only white guys I’ve seen are the admiral on Discovery and Pike, but that’s just about it. And it looks like they’ll kill off Pike soon enough. Will the new Kirk be a woman named Janette T. Kirk from Latin America? It’s hard not to conclude that is what is coming.

Maybe it’ll do to toss in a few crewman 6”s like in Galaxy Quest just to even things out? Is that too much to ask? Even the crew extras on Discovery seem to be PC to excess in the new Treks.

To put it bluntly: The Hollywood war on white men is still well under way. Just search on the show promo videos to see it for yourself and take the casting into account for it’s totality. I bet they even take Dr. McCoy and make him into a woman instead and keep up the Wokeness. Dr. Lena McCoy… Yeah… Right. Bring back a good Bones like TOS or even JJ Abrahms and put a doctor like Beverly Crusher in there to mix it up. It would work. Everyone would be happy. But nooooooo…. we have to be subjected to the PC Star Trek universes.

Is it too much to ask for a more balanced casting that is more believable and reflects reality? Instead we are being spoon-fed the Leftist fantasy universe with people who just don’t really fit the part and are pretty much being told in as many words that white men are no longer a factor in the Discovery-era Star Trek. At this point, even Picard looks tame compared to the Discovery universe and even it is pushing lots of Leftist views on it’s own.

This mindset about men being ousted from normal roles is not unique to Star Trek.

There are plenty of cop shows that ACTUALLY show women beating up men routinely in a 21st century setting. I don’t know about you but it strikes me as particularly odd that these women cops trying to play the part of men and pushing the notion that women are physically stronger than men goes FAR beyond stretching the truth.

Men have 20% more muscle than women and it’s a biological fact. It IS a fact that CANNOT be escaped from. Yes, women can hurt men in a fight but in endurance and physical contests, it is men who more often prevail in men vs women contests of brute strength (I can hear the screaming now for me DARING to mention it!). I won’t even go on to talk about the Beta-Males that always seem to be paired with the ‘Manly Women’ cops in these TV series.

Don’t believe me? I just saw promos for “Crossing Jordan” where the star beats up men with reckless glee. And this series dates back to the early 2000s. This programming of Society to accept this as the “norm” is patently flawed. Real women don’t generally do this.

I’m sorry to say this but this bit with women swaggering around on tv series like Annie Oakley is nowhere near sexy or desirable. And this is precisely the image Hollywood projects as a “norm” now.

So WHY is Hollywood pushing this feminist fantasy of role reversal and outright lying about physical abilities between the sexes? Do they think that the mere portrayal of these stories constitutes “fact”? Remember these are “pretend” stories but people see the messages portrayed and take them into their world view.

Hollywood stars seem to feel that they are somehow better than we mere viewers. Face it: They PRETEND to be other people and then want to tell us how to live in the real world? Give me a break.

I have often wondered just how much female on male violence is occurring as a result of girls and women starting to believe what they see on TV? Rather than promote the naturally given strengths and powers of women in a more believable way in these series, we’re fed angry female cops who beat up men and now Star Fleet women Security chiefs who I sincerely hope knows Martial arts because that is the ONLY way the role would be remotely believable.

I can say this with satisfaction: I won’t be paying for content like this in my home. Give me Star Trek without the SJW and Feminist nonsense. Enterprise, TOS, Voyager and TNG – THOSE are Star Trek. Not what see see now.

One more comment before I finish my rant. It is noted that Star Trek TOS had a more military feel to the show. The Enterprise reflected a more spartan look with the ship interiors that are reminiscent of real military/NASA vessels. Having been on air craft carriers as a civilian and worked in spaceflight propulsion for my entire three decade career, I can honestly and professionally assess the new Star Trek bridges to be something you would never see in a real spacecraft interior.

Granted – The sets look AWESOME! I have no complaints about that but would you actually see these levels of beautiful design put into a REAL spacecraft? Hard to say. Perhaps it is a requirement of the 22nd century to waste Federation taxpayer money to dress these ships up like fancy hotels?

Take a look at the Orion or SpaceX interiors and their design reflects that same spartan and very utilitarian esthetic as the TOS bridge does. It’s a clean look and doesn’t need to be more than it is.

Once again, TOS got it right and the layout was more in keeping with a military style vessel interior. The newer Treks diverged greatly from that utilitarian feel. Only TNG kept somewhat in the same vein as TOS and kept it believable. These newer Treks have not kept that same esthetic and the sets, while beautiful do not reflect a real spacecraft feel.

This leads us to the next point: Battles in the New Star Trek… Not even REMOTELY realistic.

TOS had ships maneuvering in fights. It’s WHAT real naval and land based vehicles do in real warfare.

What’s this bit with the old British style of sitting there like a target in these battles on Discovery and even in Picard Season One? Didn’t they watch what happened in “The Patriot”? The American’s used cover and maneuvers to gain the upper hand where they could.

It’s NUTS to just sit and be a magnet for enemy fire. Did the Discovery and Picard series hire a British historian who thinks this is how military forces fight now and into the future in a 3-dimensional space? The production teams didn’t get their monies worth.

Whoever this person is, the producers need to fire him or her. It’s not even remotely realistic.

Trump said it all best folks:  “Everything woke turns to shit.”

End of Rant.