20th century London warning ignored – Psychic Self-Defense in the real world

Psychic Self-Defense

Dion Fortune as a young girl – By Unknown – Original publication: unknown. Immediate source: available online at various websites, such as here, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=50162595

One does not have to look far to see the influences of a darker force operating in this world. Psychic Self-Defense is a topic many ignore but the fact is that it is as necessary as keeping clean and sanitary. It’s agenda has slowly and patiently been at work bringing the world to it’s ultimate goal with the state of our moral decay and an utterly corrupted news media rubber stamping “truth” without so much as a investigation of the facts.

These ills are accompanied by a decline national beliefs in exchange for belief that we are all “world citizens” coupled with  television programming now so depraved that some of these shows would have been given X-ratings only a few years ago. This all points to a steady destruction of our history as sad omens like all of the aforementioned have coalesced into a perfect storm of chaos that now characterizes the spiritual disease now infecting our world.

Don’t believe me? Take a good hard look at the programming on television? Get a good close look at the two largest internet streaming providers programming and tell me it is fit for a family to watch. You will most certainly find out it is all trash and more fit for a red-light district.

How do you FEEL after watching the news or these seedy programs? My bet is you come out angry and tired all at once. That is the intention of the people behind all of this.

Make no mistake. What you are witnessing in the world is unconstrained spiritual warfare.

A steady stream of 24×7 bad news dominates ALL media now. Tell me, do YOU feel like something is WAY off with all of this? Was the world you were born in anywhere near this bad before certain events in 2019 and early 2020 took hold? What about ten or twenty years ago? Would you have thought the things you are seeing would be even remotely possible? My bet is that your life was going along quite well before the powers-that-be began to make their more overt moves.

Would you like to know WHY this is happening?  Read on and I will share my theory and evidence to support these suppositions of mine.

I study unusual books. Books that hold strange knowledge and which, in the right hands, warn of the dangers of allowing such forces as I have illustrated to gather strength in the first place. But Human Beings, being what they are, are like chimpanzees when handed a loaded .45 caliber pistol. One cannot expect good things to ensue when someone hands over destructive power to uneducated loons. And the people in power-positions either KNOW what they are doing or are tools to that end. No matter what group they are part of, they are uneducated and certainly LOONS.

The world is not the way we imagine it to be. It’s byways and highways are connected in ways we can’t even imagine.

It pays to study Biblical texts to see these truths. It is also wise to study occult literature to understand the psychological and pathological conditions that arise when people in power and bloodlines abuse their sacred power and turn it against the populace. Religion once held this role in a sacred trust. Tell me… when is the last time you saw any good news with regard to the major world religions? Or is it filled with headlines about pedophile priests and crimes committed in the houses of God?

Such has been the state of the media and our institutions opening the doors to psychical and other phenomena as “entertainment”.  These esoteric matters have been carefully handled and managed by informed people throughout the whole of Humanity’s short existence and to be exposed to these things meant being educated in how to ethically handle such encounters. That cat is out of the bag now. The public is now in a position that it MUST take up knowing what we face in order to prevail against the Darkness.

It is only by being completely informed as to what CAN happen that we can guard against the impact of these things in our lives. Unfortunately, the vast bulk of the populace lives in complete isolation from these truths not because they are ignorant, but due to a combination of fear of truth, hidden knowledge and organized efforts to suppress key knowledge from the masses on the part of those who wish to retain their power while creating a perfect storm and escaping it’s consequences. All of this under the mistaken belief that they can escape unharmed from their spiritual crimes. In truth, they only reap negative karma for themselves and must pay the price in the end, but in their blindness, they cannot see what they do. They know only their immediate desires and needs coupled quite oddly with a patient plan that has taken many decades to see reach the point we are at now.

Why is this this way? How can one deal with such a powerful force and hope to come out of it intact?

That is hard to quantify, but I can offer the observation that this Universe is made of up of opposing polarities guiding the boundaries of everything. One only need to look for “good” and “evil”, “light” and “dark”, one or zero and many other terms that indicate two quantities that are nearly the opposite of the other, locked in eternal combat. In a balanced system, these two reach some form of equilibrium and life can go on with the knowledge that these two hold the other in check. This is a very simplistic view, but one that offers a model that characterizes the oppositional forces of the Bible stories and similar religious texts.

A third force… the “Maybe” (as defined by myself) is a force that operates being somewhere between “good” and “evil” and is “fuzzy” by it’s nature. Of course this is just my theory and I’m sharing my present beliefs and not representing these as “fact” but more as a study of what is likely to be closer to the truth than not. This third force represents something that can induce chaotic behavior and unpredictability in a system, be that political systems, human nature or orbital mechanics. The Bible speaks of a “Holy Trinity” and celebrates the number “three”. The U.S. Constitution also celebrates this with the magical properties of three executive branches providing the checks and balances the Constitution uses to keep the union stable and gives life to our nation. Numbers do have rather mystical properties and it pays to recognize this fact.

Good versus Evil. It takes a conscious effort to face the giant and deny him victory.

It is into this discussion that we introduce you to the author, Dion Fortune. She was born with her real name being  Violet Mary Firth in December 6, 1890. Per Wikipedia’s description of her: “She was a British occultist, ceremonial magician, novelist and author. She was a co-founder of the Fraternity of the Inner Light, an occult organization that promoted philosophies which she claimed had been taught to her by spiritual entities known as the Ascended Masters. A prolific writer, she produced a large number of articles and books on her occult ideas and also authored seven novels, several of which expound occult themes.

One of my favorites of those novels is her book titled “The Secrets of Dr. Taverner”. This book details the fictionalized stories of one Dr. John Robert Taverner who Fortune says in her introduction was, in fact, a very real person who taught her a great deal about occult truths. She collected these stories featuring Taverner and his sidekick Doctor Rhodes (who is a thinly disguised version of Dion herself in the books) become embroiled in one interesting occult adventure after another at a private mental hospital  in the English countryside, diagnosing strange medical maladies that often proved to have psychical or occult causes over and above more traditional root causes.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell almost certainly used esoteric means to gain control over others and then blackmail them.

The entire book is fascinating from the perspective that it’s lessons are timeless. When coupled with another non-fiction book called “Psychic Self-Defense“, the knowledge that is shared thus opens up the reader to recognize that the world they inhabit isn’t the one they THINK they live in. It is these realizations that offer the reader insights that are as true today as when Fortune authored her non-fiction and fictional titles seventy-plus years ago. To put it bluntly, you would do well to read these books and profit from her warnings and insights.

One of the stories, titled “The Power House“, details Dr. Taverner, who is well-placed in a “White Brotherhood” (no… not the racist kind, but a brotherhood of men and women who work together for the good of Humanity) that keeps a running check on “black lodges” who spread chaos and ruin in order to profit off the misery of others. The “white lodges” fight the black lodges and preserve the spiritual balance.

The antagonist in the story is a man by the name of “Josephus” who is a cross between a huckster, an occultist in the dark sense and a man possessed of a certain magnetism that one runs into now and again in the world with people who just have a special energy about them that draws others into their sphere. While some use such a gift for good or… at the least, for their own self-interests without causing too much harm, Josephus is the kind of man who uses this gift to cause as much harm and damage as possible. I have run into several people possessed of this strange magnetic personality and fortunately, they were all very good people. One can only imagine the damage a darker person possessed of this magnetic draw could do to an entire country. Witness the monsters of Stalin and Hitler and what they did to millions and you get the idea.

In many respects, Dr. Taverner operates as a soldier providing the “cure” for spiritual diseases like those embodied in the form of Joesphus. Thus the story finds Taverner, guided unknowingly by the higher powers he answers to, into a repeat encounter with Josephus who he had run out of London many years earlier. The latest encounter finds Josephus literally running right into Taverner on the street and seeing Josephus run away, only to be hit by a car. Through a series of unlikely events (as if there is any such thing when it comes to spiritual justice) Taverner and Rhodes later come into contact with an Irishman named “McDermot” whose wife has come to be part of a highly suspicious group that Josephus is running not far from the pub where Taverner and Rhodes first encounter McDermot.

As it turns out, these three soldiers of the Light join forces to go against Josephus once McDermot explains the strange hold that Joesphus’s “magnetic” personality has over the women whose life forces whither when they are around him. He wields a natural power that blinds them while he saps their life energies and they age prematurely and literally whither while he grows stronger.

I have run into several people possessed of this ability to sap your power. In some cases these people do it unknowingly. In other cases, they do this on purpose, having been trained to do so.

Tell me dear Reader… does this remind you of anyone you may have run into in this life?

In this excerpt from “The Secrets of Dr. Taverner“:

So far as I know,” said McDermot, “he appeared on the
scene about a year ago from no one knows where, and advertised
classes in psychic development. That brought him in touch with
various people who are interested in that sort of thing—I’m not,
my Church doesn’t allow it, and I don’t wonder—Mary, that’s
my wife, used to belong to a sort of occult club that Coates ran
in St. John’s Wood; Coates being a fool, took up Josephus, burnt
his fingers with him, and dropped him, but not before he had got
hold of two or three women out of that set, my wife among
them. Then Josephus seemed to find his feet and thrive
amazingly. (He had been a pretty seedy-looking adventurer when
he first turned up.) And now he has got a house somewhere,
though nobody except those who are in the secret knows where,
and he has got, so my wife says, a group of women who help
him in his work. Exactly what it is that they do, I don’t know,
but he seems to have got a tremendous hold on them. They all
seem to be in love with him, and yet they live peaceably in the
same house. It is an amazing affair altogether. It is not money he
is after in his inner circle though he gets plenty of that from the
rest of his devotees, but, so far as I can make out, a particular
type of physique, and it appears to me that, as he thrives, they go
down hill. At any rate, he has to introduce fresh blood into his
group periodically, and sometimes there is a desperate hunt for a
new recruit while Josephus slowly wilts, and then, having got a
fresh favourite, he seems suddenly to take on a new lease of life.
The whole thing is queer, and uncanny, and unsavoury, and even
before it broke up my home I couldn’t bear it.”

Taverner nodded. “He has done much the same sort of thing
several times already. It may interest you to know that I assisted
in thrashing Josephus and ducking him in a horse trough in my
student days after we had had a succession of his victims in our
wards. There was a society working on his system then; but I
believe it was stamped out as an organization. However, he
seems to be restarting it, so the sooner we take him in hand the
better, lest he get a foothold in the subconscious mind of the
nation. Such a thing is possible you know.”

It is with this last observation by Dr. Taverner’s character in mind that I cite that there is a spiritual imbalance operating in full effect now in the great mass of the leadership of this planet. To put it bluntly, the subconscious mind of the world has been laboring under the spell of this spiritual disease that you now see expressing itself in so many negative forms as to be nearly impossible to quantify.

Women embracing who they are as women are some of the most powerful beings in the universe. Just as men being who they are form the opposite polarity and yet together, they are greater than the sum of their parts…

After reading the story fragment from the book above, what do you notice in the way the women act with Jospehus and how they operate? Recognize anything from today’s world? Perhaps in the manner in which men and women are being programmed to conduct themselves? Think long and hard here. Once you see it, you’ll make sense of the media portrayals, role-swapping and power-brokering going on that has confused traditional values for those that destroy far more than they create… All in the name of progressive-values. The only real progression is moral decay, misery and confusion for all.

As Fortune’s book was written just before Adolf Hitler made his appearance in the 1930s, it seems that Dion Fortune saw the tides moving ahead with a major battle of good and evil and chose to warn the world with her now-classic novel. She was and remains a woman ahead of her time.

In Taverner’s day (as is explained in the book), there existed a “Spiritual Police Force” to hold the balance and keep these sorts of negative forces in check. This “force” is a VERY REAL group. One wonders what has happened to that police force, given the unchecked nature of the negative powers we now are facing.

What has been striking though are the discussions about the “White Hats” that go on in various circles and it is thus encouraging that this may be a more modern naming system applied to the same group who is engaged in spiritual warfare against the darkness and spiritual disease that has infected this planet.

Without giving too much away with regard to the story, which I encourage you to freely download from the Golden Dawn web site, Dion Fortune’s books offer a tantalizing view of a world behind the scenes of the everyday. One which reveals itself clearly once you have eyes to see with. This comes about ONLY by choosing to inform yourself with education and being willing to examine the world critically. This only comes about by limiting the media in your life… turning off television and radio and using your brain and CRITICAL-THINKING to see through what his happening.

The battle rages on…

Dion Fortune’s story ends with Jospehus literally entombed in a pile of garbage ashes, waiting to be taken out by the trash collectors. A rather fitting end for such a spiritually depraved character. The women are freed to re-discover their true power and return to lives that are more fulfilling and understanding of the power they are meant to hold. Balance is restored. Idealized as a story, but just one of many bits of wisdom that come from the pen of Dion Fortune who saw men and woman as equals, each with unique talents and powers and whose polarities combined to make for something beautiful. These powers come from being true to who they are born to be and not from trying to force one to be the other in pursuit of a false society with alien values that do not work and never will.

It has been my purpose to get you to THINK with this piece. If I even reach one person, I have done my job.

The books which open the doors to education of the REAL world are below. I include a link to the Society of the Inner Light which is a western mystery tradition created by Dion Fortune. Well worth a look.

Good luck and I hope you educate yourself. Knowledge IS power.

The links below link to archive.org for many of the titles, save for the Dr. Taverner book which is freely available from the Golden Dawn web site. Note that Dion Fortune had something of a falling out with the Golden Dawn and created her Society of Inner Light to reflect the principles she believed in. There seem to be links still held with Dion Fortune from the perspective of the Order of the Golden dawn that reflect their respect for her, but this is only my supposition at work. I shall endeavor to learn more and share this as my own research in these areas continue.

Remember… The media, television and negative and dark programs are NOT your friend. Turning them off and reclaiming your brain is a first step to freeing your mind.


Some other optional titles to study include