Notice any similarities between this movie and today’s “news”?

Just saying… The 1998 movie Wag the Dog reads like a primer to the 2021 administration of the Idiot-In-Chief, right down to the problem with keeping his hands off kids in the People’s house. And the actors involved in this movie? Let’s just say it’s more like a thumb-your-nose at the American people epic than actual entertainment. It’s Hollywood showing us how they spoon feed us the lies. A number of the actors involved in this movie have reputations that… well… I’ll just leave it to you to do the research and look into their background.

Wag the Dog is more a celebration of how Hollywood and the MSM work and a not-so-subtle putdown to the taxpayers and citizens of this country.ย  And they think we didn’t see how things worked then and especially now. This movie was a prophecy of 2021 and 2022. Instead of Albania like in the movie, the real U.S. government is pushing propaganda of a “war” against Russia as they are set to “invade” Ukraine? Really?

Last I heard, Putin is ending his yearly border exercises at the border of Ukraine while privately laughing at Biden and the fools behind the puppet.

X-Files said it best. Trust NO ONE. Especially the evening news and Hollywood.