YouTube’s survey on my satisfaction and my SCATHING review of their policies

Not long ago,ย  I noticed that my comments on YouTube were shadow banned. I covered this problem I had encountered in my article on it HERE.

After I published that post on this site, I was surprised to see that YouTube had asked me to participate in a survey about how I feel about how their policies affect me as a content creator.

This survey showed up in the “YouTube Studio” menu at the top of the page. I was a little angered because any interactions with the Digital Monolith of Censorship tends to trigger my “I’m an American” button and the words “F**K OFF YOUTUBE” form in a giant billboard in my brain and I fight the urge to wretch on the spot. Yes, my anger at YouTube has gotten that bad. They treat their content creators like dirt.

Let the Comment Bloodbath Commence

Still, I was intrigued and decided to check out their so-called “survey”.

I had posted on my channel description some days ago what I thought of the shadow ban on me. And it was surprising that suddenly this survey pops up which took 15 minutes to fill out. I could kick myself for not recording the session or doing screen caps but alas, hindsight is 20/20.

The gist of the entire survey was to really dig deep into what we creators thought of YouTube’s policies and if we felt like we had any chance of succeeding on their platform.

What was strange was that this survey allowed us to speak freely in the responses on the bottom for every page of the survey. The questions were well thought out and the multiple choice questions were equally penetrating. Someone, it seems, is worried about the future of YouTube.

To say it kindly, I was absolutely scathing in my review of YouTube’s performance and handling of it’s content creators. At one time, years ago, I had managed to monetize my account and was actually making a little money and YouTube just upped and ripped away my right to earn and told me THEY would decide if my content was worth looking at. That began a long walk away from what I felt was a truly evil agenda that puts a select few first and the vast bulk of content creators LAST.

YouTube picks the winners whose channels succeed and everyone else loses on their platform on the basis of subjective criteria. That much is absolutely clear. And I asked them point blank WHY SHOULD I CREATE CONTENT FOR FREE FOR THEM? My time and good content are worth being compensated for. It really speaks to the heart of the issue! They are living off our good graces. And the corporations behind the advertisement apocalypse that created this are equally guilty.

Crossing the Lines

The other point is that you never know when you’ve crossed a line with the powers-that-be at Google and YouTube. Its always a mystery and seems to be more about subjective punishment than anything else. My own banishment to the “Comment Void” where all my comments were censored was most likely due to my Conservative stance and commentary. YouTube LOVES to say to Congress and Courts that they don’t engage in censorship of Conservatives, but as Dave from X22Report says so often, it’s not what they say. It’s what they DO that speaks to who they are.

I am also very anti-Chinaย  and pro-Taiwan and I am sure my remarks are not well received by the CCP. Frankly, I could care less what they think. They’ve earned the world’s ire. I’m sure there has been more than a little input to the social media companies from that country that unleashed the virus on us.

My relationship with YouTube has been steadily souring since 2016 and to watch them walk, in lock-step with Twitter and Facebook into a full Tech-Oligarchy that doesn’t even try to hide it’s agenda in America has been sobering. At times, I WANT to create content again, but I find myself half-heartedly trying because YouTube does everything possible to limit success for the vast bulk of us. And Heaven forbid if you speak truth or complain. Then the ban and censorship hammer comes down hard.

Perhaps it is just how truth is shared in the world that gets content and comments banned. Add to that the constantly shifting Terms of Service that insure that the ones chasing the “Golden Carrot” of success will stay in line and not post about silly things like freedom, health rights, the Bill of Rights, Q, the Constitution, pride of being a White Male or loving your country.

Of course, when the truth of everything in this war between Left and Right comes out, I have a feeling I’ll be the guy grinning like a Cheshire cat. That old saying of “I told you so” will be so satisfying to speak to the skeptics who scream “Conspiracy Theorist” at me when I speak.

The past five years has been a roller coaster ride that has been a eye opening look into how the world ACTUALLY works versus the world we were being told to believe in. We’ve woken and can’t be put back to sleep and THIS is what has the Powers-That-Be so concerned. Their names are in the news and many of these names NEVER wanted to be talked about in polite society because they preferred to rule from the shadows. There is an old saying my family says when things get rough for someone who screwed up. “Tough Crunchies”. And for the Deep State behind the Social Media companies and the forces they command, the words “Tough Crunchies” are indeed appropriate.

Truth.Social is going to sweep in like a Storm and leave a new landscape in it’s wake.

A Remarkable Thing

Back to the survey, I completed my 15 minutes of glorious revenge posting to the survey team and am sure that someone read my remarks because a remarkable thing happened only two days later.

Anyway, I sent the survey in two days ago and just happened to forget and commented on a video from my account. Lo and behold! My comment rights have returned? Why would that have happened? I can only speculate but I suspect my rebukes were SO pointed and my dissatisfaction level was so bad, I figure I got through to someone. What I AM sure about is the fact that YouTube likely is quite worried about people mass abandoning the platform once Truth.Social comes out next year.

If Trump does provide a fair deal and absolutely free speech for video content creators, I can say without a doubt I will be leaving YouTube for the free speech zone and I’m sure millions of others will follow. Why stick with a leftist totalitarian provider who refuses to pay you for your work? I suspect Trump’s platform WILL pay a fair wage with a good system for making money for good work.

YouTube is about to find out what Capitalism is when the Free Market forces are unleashed against it. It’s called “Competition”. They won’t be able to operate the way they’ve been doing. And having alienated SO many people, they will have a hell of a time bringing creators back to the fold.

So, with all this said, it is weird to see the comment rights restored on YouTube. I’ve made the decision to continue to speak freely and refuse to back down from saying what I like. YouTube is forewarned, I won’t back down and be fearful of being muzzled because I refuse to be muzzled in the first place.

That Bill of Rights is still in effect and they know it. I think I pinned it right with Truth.Social. When that platform goes live, I suspect well over half the nation will abandon the Leftist platforms and walk away for good. It’s GOT to have the big three wringing their hands at losing most of their content viewers. Trump was right in telling them all they should be 100% regulated as utilities and that day is coming when their lopsided handling of our speech and constitutional rights will come to a screaming halt.

The old saying is: “You reap what you sow.” – Enjoy the future YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. You did this to yourselves.