Who has the power? Doctors or Patients? How to take back the Power.

You hold are the cards when you go to the doctor or hospital!

You just don’t realize it when you walk into the slick and super expensive facilities that YOUR dollars pay for with your expensive health care policy. We will explore that in this article and how YOU can claim your rights on the basis of challenging those who expect silence, compliance and herd behavior on your part.

Medicine seems to have concentrated mostly on how to exact profit from the patient while leaving patient concerns completely out of the equation in the practice of that art and science.

My grandfather was a well known neurosurgeon and held four doctorates and a law-degree just for the hell of it. Smart guy and he had a successful career until his all too early death in his early 50s. He held membership in ALL the big associations such as the AMA (American Medical Association) and many more. His military career in medicine saw him active in World War 2 at Normandy and operating while under fire from Nazi artillery which cared little what ship they were shooting at. He has my enduring respect because of this service.

However, he came from a generation of doctors who held a lot of power over people because the system he was educated in promoted that power. I know that he was a great doctor and he did a lot of good things and for that I am thankful.

The system that then produced and still produces medical professionals and whichย  promotes the “Power of the Doctor” is not an accident. It is designed this way on purpose.

Under this system, your ability to speak up and engage the establishment is muzzled and the expectation is that the patient will remain silent while the white coat speaks edicts. It is expected that you will obey these rulings without question. Many doctors take advantage of this and exude an air of ego that is at once intimidating and rude. They’ve used this model for 150 years or so and it’s worked magic in their holding power in a virtual priesthood while relegating the public to being little more than sheep.

It is that power that has, in concert with Big Pharma, created a behemoth that strips you of your personal power the moment you walk into their offices, hospitals and pharmacies.

If you thought Al Capone had the ultimate racket that couldn’t be touched until he was destroyed by Elliot Ness than you have another thing coming with the world-wide medical racket which eclipses Capone’s empire by thousands of times the size and complexity of his bootlegging operation.

You’ve all had the experience. You are in the E.R. and the doctor orders tests, some which are VERY expensive procedures to undergo. You automatically sign the forms and figure your insurance will pay for the tests. Then, months later, the bills come on and guess what? Many of them were not covered by insurance or, you pay a significant co-pay. If you demand a audit of the charges there are often charges from other patients, likely illegals or transients, tacked on for you to cover because they couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Al Capone

Medicine is the supermarket you go into where the prices are kept hidden until you are home and then you discover you’ve been mugged.

I actually remember my old pediatrician as a kid whose practice had a big board on the wall with the prices of EVERYTHING routine. The non-routine prices were represented by a section which talked about negotiating the costs for those extraordinary items. I believe this is called “A la cart medicine”. Search that term in a search engine and prepare to enter a world of eye opening facts.

Such “A la cart” doctors and medical organizations still do exist, but they are persecuted mercilessly for their “crime” (as the criminals label the competition) of being honest professionals. Opposing them is a criminal medical cartel determined to protect the status-quo and their cattle operation.

President Trump signed Executive Order 13877Improving Price and Quality Transparency in American Healthcare To Put Patients First“. This order created great consternation in the healthcare, medical insurance and legal industries because it was the first time in decades where the patient was represented by a political leader rather than the industry interests who had no wish to change their system.

It was a great move by a great leader. And the industry fought him every step of the way. We did see amazing reductions in prescription costs and some price transparency, but the incredibly damaging “plandemic” that hit in early 2020 stripped citizens of their rights with the imposition of a medical theocracy that has, only on the surface, removed all of your rights the moment you walk into a hospital setting or doctor’s office.

In late 2020, I visited an E.R. with a problem walking with an infected toe and had to be seen. From the start, I was treated as a bio-hazard, whisked through various stages of the hospital, denied being accompanied by family while I was in the E.R. and was treated like a head of cattle rather than a person. I was prescribed medication and sent on my way.

In later visits with my doctor, I had tests conducted which all had co-pays and which I received surprise billings for after the so-called “insurance” refused to pay for these tests. Despite President Trump’s executive order 13877, I was still not seen as a part of the solution in my healthcare but the one to pay for the party I wasn’t invited to and at my expense. I was a mere head of cattle whose job was to remain quiet and take what was dished out to me.

That removal of your power to participate in your health care is an illusion. You hold all the cards. The medical establishment does not want you to see that this fact.

Fighting Back is your right!

First off, recognize that the entire presentation of medicine, from the moment you arrive at a doctor’s office, Emergency Room or a Hospital is based on gating you.

Consider the sterile “special” nature of a hospital facility. It’s designed to herd you and keep you where you need to be while the personnel scurry about with their special access which is all well and good. “Gating” at work in a nutshell.

Quite simply, you are herded. It is the act of having you queue up for treatment and to be shuttled to and fro in an orderly manner. Just like cattle in a slaughterhouse. In and of itself, gating isn’t a “bad” thing. Institutionalized medicine cannot be practiced any other way. However, the psychological effect upon the patient is that “this is an important place and I cannot waste anyone’s time”. This perception is DESIGNED into the model and you are expected to comply with it. Keep consciously aware of this when in these facilities and you will hold an edge against the system.

You wait your turn, are called in after filling out paperwork with questions on it you have ALREADY answered in the past several times with regard to patient history before. Why is that done you ask? Because it makes you COMPLY. They ALREADY KNEW THESE ANSWERS. The more you comply with this inane BS, the more you will comply with the bad treatment or… injections of God knows what into your veins. So the repeat form filling out is a time waster for you and an ass-covering move for their legal departments who want to be sure they can defend the institution in the event of a lawsuit.

Continuing on with your visit: You are swept into the office when called in and the doctor eventually enters your exam room after a short or long wait on your part. Some doctors actually examine you and take their craft seriously. Others come in with a predetermined clock-in time and clock-out time set for your visit and do not listen to your complaint of what is wrong.

I had such a doctor once. He swept in with his ego on full display, refused to listen to me, looked at my ears and throat with a special scope and then attempted to excuse me without so much a question of why I was there! When I demanded to be heard about my condition of tinnitus, he got angry and told me he couldn’t cure that and walked out. His office then subsequently double-billed my insurance $700 for a 5 minute exam. I fought back and the double-billing “accident” was solved and I never went back to that quack and told my referring doctor the guy was a total scam artist. She was rather insulted but I was the one who got taken for a ride, not her.

In either case of a good doctor or bad, they often prescribe something for the condition or… want to do tests. This is when you strike back and ask the following questions:

1. What are the alternatives to the prescribed medicine and/or tests?

2. What costs will I incur from this test and what are my co-pays?

3. What side effects and/or safety record does the medication, treatment or test have?

Remember, the doctor knows most of this. And any facts they don’t have can easily be found from their tablet or computer in front of them. Many will become extremely annoyed and some will be angry. Do not back down. You are the boss. If they become angry, stand up and say ‘You are fired as my doctor” and walk out. Remain calm when you do it, Your composure is your power.

Then complain to the hospital administrators and demand a new doctor if they fight you and you have to fire them.

It is striking that the costs for medical procedures are not shared with the patient by the doctor right there in the office. The data is ALL THERE for you to be given your costs, alternative medicines, generics, insurance payouts and co-pays and much more in one single and easy transaction so you can make informed choices.

Medicine should as as easy to understand as is going into a Burger King to read the menu and make your choice from the menu on the wall.

Why is medicine then done the way it is? Because of legal costs, outright scamming/skimming the patient and to cover the losses incurred by illegal aliens and transients who cannot pay for the care they saddle the medical system with. So YOU end up paying these costs while they are hidden under a mountain of obfuscation and lies.

The Grand Covid Rights Grab

With the plandemic in place, the hospitals are extremely short-staffed due to employee walk-outs over the jab and the bureaucracies have doubled down in removing your rights the moment you use their system.

The most striking stories are the cases where patients families are not allowed in to the hospital to see their loved ones in either the E.R. or in standard patient care settings. Couple this with stories about forced use of therapies that do not work and are proven to be harmful and, in many cases so far, fatal to the patient and the conclusion can be reached easily that the medical system is fighting back to retain it’s hold and control over the populace.This is about POWER pure and simple.

It’s also about money. For every positive Covid diagnosis, these hospitals are making huge amounts of money from the federal government to keep diagnosing the “disease”. It truly is all about the Benjamins.

Speaking of Covid and people with it in hospitals, I have heard of innovative approaches to getting control with family members who are in trouble by removing them from the hospitals they are literally trapped in by having them declared as needing hospice and then removed by the family out of the facility they are in. It’s sad to see things come down to hospitals becoming death zones, but the sheer number of deaths and testimony from patients and from staff all back up what is happening.

There is plenty of good information out there for people looking for alternative treatments for Covid so I won’t repeat them here but will recommend you start the America’s Frontline Doctors to get the latest information.


President Trump’s executive order 13877 is almost certainly not a consideration in 2021. It is likely that the fake white house occupant has rescinded it or that the EO is being ignored. Given everything we have seen to date in 2021, the extremely aggressive push by the powers-that-be is almost guaranteed to be even more dedicated to removing your rights and will require you to push back to retain them. Witness the outright tyranny under way in Australia and you see how it is going to be all over if we don’t stand up and push back.

Couple this with the fact that for almost 150 years, the medical industry has profited handsomely from a mystique that it has carefully cultivated to elevate itself to the same level as a priesthood and you get the idea of what a scam this entire model has become. Medicine has it’s good side and there are good doctors, but you have rights and the right to question and demand answers as to costs, side effects of treatments and the alternatives available. And you have the right to FIRE a bad doctor and demand better service since you have HIRED THESE PEOPLE. You hold the power and it is your right to exercise that power!