Astronomy, Life and Bad Backs

I’ve been fairly immobile for the past two months because of the cold weather and my back being so bad. My studio doesn’t have heat yet and I decided to halt new videos until things warm up a little and I can get back to projects.

I’ve rediscovered my love of Astronomy and am planning to build a small observatory in the mid-part of Spring and will bring you all along on the adventure. I have a bunch of telescope parts from my younger days to reassemble into working telescope and a concrete pier to pour to get the telescope on to a German Equatorial Mount or GEM. I’ll be doing astrophotography and sharing my work here on the site and on the Afterburner channel.

My back continues to be problematic but my neurological exam was good so I am making slow progress! I’m set to begin some new therapy and will share that information soon as well for people going through what I am experiencing.

Until the next post!