The Wisdom of Quadcopter Flight according to Afterburner – Quotes 1-30

The Wisdom of Quadcopter Flight according to Afterburner

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Quotes 1 – 30

1. Water and Electronic failures conspire to send your quadcopter to the abyss.

2. There is nothing so beautiful as a spinning picture during the death plummet of a quadcopter.

3. An underwater quadcopter inevitably attracts legal fish which you will never catch.

4. Smokestacks are vortexes for seizing quadcopters.

5. A quadcopter app’s value varies inevitably between the number of crashes caused by the app and the complexity of using it.

6. Killer bees and quadcopters do not mix well.

7. Saying “What can go wrong?” at the beginning of your flight is tempting the Gods of Chaos and Mayhem to show you just how wrong it can go.

8. Photographing a group of people with a quadcopter is a sure method of insuring one goes to the E.R.

9. Lack of planning has killed many a quadcopter.

10. Flying against the wind is hard. Flying with the wind is easy. Flying behind a building on a windy day results in a lost quad.

11. Flying out of sight is flying to lose your quad.

12. Landing in sand is a wonderful way to get new motors.

13. Birds and Quads shall henceforth be mortal enemies.

14. Flying inside buildings is a sure means to getting new props.

15. Flying upwind and drifting your quad back is heavenly. Flying downwind and losing your quad is hell.

16. Flying a quad to find Bigfoot is a good way to lose a quad. Bigfoot collects quads. Don’t do it.

17. Trying to impress another person with your pilot skills always results in a crash.

18. Quads shall henceforth be known to be attracted to invisible wires strung in their flight path.

19. The time you spend pre-flighting your quad will result in your best flight experiences.

20. You cannot win an argument with a street quad lawyer.

21. The more controls a quadcopter has the more chances you have to crash it.

22. “Death of a Salesman” and “Death of a Quad” have far more in common than you would think.

23. A triggered activist is far worse than a herd of mad angry sheep.

24. Power lines and Drones have a torrid but brief love affair.

25. Lightning seeks the closest drone.

26. Leaping dogs and drones do not mix.

27. Flying at night without training or experience is a great way to give your drone away to Fate.

28. Area 51 means it when they say No Drones. Really. They do.

29. Someday a Drone Airbag shall be as common as the Car Airbag.

30. A tethered drone indoors is heaven. An un-tethered drone indoors is hell.