I really get tired of YouTube’s propaganda

I love Science. Real Science.

And good science is easy to spot. But easier to spot is BAD SCIENCE. And Heaven knows we’ve been through two years of incredibly bad medical and political science!. But lets talk a bit about bad science and propaganda.

I rarely watch any newer TED videos because they mostly cater to leftist subjects I find objection with and have little to do with Science in my opinion. One sees the fine hand of political influence in a large majority of their subject matter these days. A casual glance at the most recent TED video lineup was like reading a manifesto right out of the Democrat Party playbook.

Many of the once good institutional science communications platforms have been utterly destroyed by the recent political war we are living through. It’s pretty bad when Science is now a battlefield tool for propaganda purposes. Sorry TED for the harsh critique. You’ve lost your way and need to get back to balanced subject matter that caters to Science and not Political Correctness.

Fortunately there remain the older videos when TED still gave good talks from years ago and I happened to see one this evening as I write this (see end of article) on why the Universe we live in is so geared for the creation of life.

So… I clicked on the link to view the video and was rewarded with the usual YouTube propaganda statement tagged with the video as seen in the image below:

Note the “Climate Change” inset that is strategically placed above the video title. What a cute lie, courtesy of the ineffective and utterly corrupt United Nothing (Nations). This subject has NOTHING to do with the TED talk subject I was going to view.

And yet YouTube and the idiots at the U.N. are insisting on pumping our brains full of this outright bilge water that is easily proven to be nothing more than part of their agenda and NOTHING to do with Science.

Ghislane Maxwell with Jeffrey Epstein (who did NOT kill himself).

Of course we won’t get into how many of these folks promoting these agendas are in Ghislane Maxwell’s little book. But that is a tale for another day.

Just keep in mind who is in that book of names when you see the MSM hard at work with their fake news agendas.

Let’s correct this latest “Climate Change” bullshit and speak Truth. And while we’re at it, we’ll demolish the myth that is how scarce petroleum is.

Time for a little Critical Thinking.

Something that is rarely seen these days is the act of critical thinking. It’s far easier to just accept what you are told in the media or just to repeat everything often enough that it becomes a “truth” of it’s own accord except when challenged by the rare duck that questions the sources and origins of said “Truth”. This said, it’s time to question the “Climate Change” lie.

This need to blame Humanity for a fake weather crisis is notable but nothing new. We saw this same hysteria back in the 1970s when the same bunch were hyping the heck of of global cooling and an impending ice-age. Same fear tactics, same people in fact behind it all.

Now they are blaming “Human activity” and not specifying WHAT ACTIVITY it is that is the problem. They won’t say “global warming” because that has been proven wrong so they couch it in lawyer’s terms and then use every single negative weather event like the recent tornadoes in the U.S. to blame all of Humanity for.

Tornadoes are not caused by People or “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”. They happen because of WEATHER.

Without getting into the agenda against all of Humanity at work here, it is striking to me that blaming “fossil fuels” for this non-emergency is rather humorous.

For one, it is now a rather glaring problem that came to light in 2018 regarding natural emissions of CO2 from volcanoes world-wide.

The bottom line? Volcanoes emit FAR more CO2 than Humans ever have or will!

To quote an article on CO2 emissions of Volcanoes vs Human activity (and pay attention at the end to show that people are catching on to the statistical shenanigans used to manipulate public opinion):

“Natural volcanic and man-made CO2 emissions have the exact same and very distinctive carbon isotopic fingerprint. It is therefore scientifically impossible to distinguish the difference between volcanic CO2 and human-induced CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels. This major problem with the AGW principle has been rationalized away by consensus climate scientists who insist, based upon supposedly reliable research, that volcanic emissions are minuscule in comparison to human-induced CO2 emissions (Gerlach 1991).

“Terrance Gerlach’s volcanic CO2 calculation was based on just 7 actively erupting land volcanoes and three actively erupting ocean floor hydrothermal vents (seafloor hot geysers). Utilizing gas emission data from this very limited number of volcanic features, Gerlach estimated that the volume of natural volcanic CO2 emissions is 100 to 150 times less than the volume of man-made CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels and therefore of no consequence.

“To put this calculation process into perspective, the Earth is home to 1,500 land volcanoes and 900,000 seafloor volcanoes/hydrothermal vents. By sampling just an extremely small percent of these volcanic features it is impossible to imagine that the calculation is correct.”

The upshot of this is that measuring seven volcanoes and forgetting to include nearly 1 million additional volcanoes and thermal vents emitting CO2 world-wide pretty much demolishes the so-called “Human Activity” narrative of the United Nothing and YouTube. Statistics will ALWAYS come back to bite when the truth reaches out to smash a lie of a so-called “paper”.

Oh… And by the way. It isn’t getting hotter. It’s getting colder. But hey… never let the truth get in the way of a good lie. Good work YouTube. You are doing the bidding of your bosses.

One day we’ll all have the last laugh on that one. Including one Forty Five who clearly will be laughing most of all.

Remember… Question statistics from government and big tech. Because most of it is lie built upon lie. Look deeper to find the real truths.

While we are at it, there is one more lie to clear up.

There is no such thing as “Fossil Fuel”

There is a great lie that has been told to us all for well over a century. It’s so ingrained that most people never question it when they hear the term “Fossil Fuels”. They assume dinosaurs and little plankton are all the source of the fuels we use to power our cars and heat our homes. It’s just common sense right?

Except that it isn’t true in the slightest. There is a lot more to the subject of hydrocarbons on Earth that has been carefully kept from the public. It is a mineral. Not a biomass or “fossil” organic.

The following video is a rather interesting and shocking expose’ of the lie that is the business and economics of petroleum.

According to Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty (Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy.), petroleum is deliberately and incorrectly classified as a fossil fuel, when in fact it is Abiotic. The term means that oil does NOT come from a biological source. Period.

His claim that the term “fossil fuel” was invented by John D. Rockerfeller as part of a scheme to create a false scarcity of what is arguably one of the more common liquids on Earth is violently opposed by the MSM and the so-called “Fact Checkers”.

Before we go further, I note the truth of an article or factual accuracy of an idea by the sheer number of “fact checker” sites that seek to “correct” the people who share or view said truths. And there were a lot of them in regards to my sources and information in this post. To judge the truth of a controversial idea the more fact-checker sites that rush to “correct” the public about an idea, the more likely it is they are trying to squash the truth. 

Ignore the “fact checkers” because they communicate anything BUT factual information. The very HEART of Science is to question itself and the Policy Makers. And this is precisely what they fear most and why they deploy these idiots who wear a mantle of legitimacy while operating from a rural ranch house and lacking any kind of credentials to back their “facts”. They are there to promote lies and protect the agenda. Nothing else matters to them.

Petroleum is not scarce!

Petroleum is easily replenished by the Earth and is a mineral. A naturally occurring source of energy that is abundant. Peak oil is a myth, or more accurately, a lie. Just like almost everything else the establishment ever told you.

Not convinced?  Read these excerpts from this article on the fallacy of fossil fuels:

The claim that petroleum originates with biological materials seems strange, because biology is too dynamic for such one-way diversions. The real proof that petroleum is not biological in its origins is in the chemistry.

Petroleum is called hydrocarbon because of hydrogen attached to carbon. Hydrogen-carbon bonds are very high in energy. Biological material has oxygen with it, called carbohydrate, which has less chemical energy.

There is no way to increase chemical energy other than radiation.

…fossil fuels did not originate with biological materials, because they were not exposed to light in a way which would increase the chemical energy from carbohydrates to hydrocarbons.

Rimmed hydrocarbon lakes of Titan (artist concept)

Jupiter’s largest moon, called Titan, has huge lakes of hydrocarbons, much more than on planet earth. There has never been significant or noticeable biology on Titan. It shows that hydrocarbons were formed without biological materials.

So, the largest hydrocarbon energy supplies in the Solar System we know of to date come from the Earth and Titan. And Titan as far as we know is lifeless. So how did it get it’s “fossil fuel”? Just like Earth. From chemical and natural processes that didn’t depend on “life”. It came about from purely geophysical processes that didn’t depend on organics as a basis for the energy.

We’ve all been lied to about energy. Never mind that we live in a sea of it and are made to feel like we live in a sea of scarcity instead.

Why would we be told lies about the origins of hydrocarbons then? Read on.


Money. That’s the reason for created false scarcity of resources.

It’s ALWAYS about money and supply of a product that needs to be made scarce to make maximum profit from. The best way to make the most money is to create artificial crises and then to demonize the very thing you want to make the most money from. Then people demand it and are willing to pay through the nose for it while the supply just seems to run on and on because there never was a crisis in the first place.

As much as the Left wishes to demolish the hydrocarbon industry, they will not be getting rid of cars or fuels. It’s ALWAYS about how to screw over the consumer and nothing more. This is about extracting maximum profit and impoverishing people. Same game as always with them.

I won’t even get into the incredible pollution that electric cars and their absolutely horrendous battery systems create that eclipse anything a traditional internal combustion engine does. Remember that next time you see all the hype about electric cars.

Strip Mine for Lithium to use in electric cars. How very “Green” it all is. NOT.

Remember that when you hear the words “Green Agenda” and “Fossil Fuels” you are hearing the words of those who are in it for themselves and most certainly not for YOU.

Life is a GOOD thing. It’s too bad Leftists have to ruin it all for us, With their constant bad news, they live to create chaos for everyone else.

YouTube, I have a message for you: We don’t need or like your propaganda. Just STOP. The world has had enough of your fake news insets. So have I. A dose of truth is in order. You are losing your audience one lie at a time. Just like the rest of the MSM.

It’s a sad case when the world operates for real just like what we see in the movie Liar Liar, isn’t it?

Yes… The Truth will set you free if spoken freely. But it hurts like hell when it has to be spoken to correct centuries of lies to the populace.

The video that started me off on this article

Life is a good thing and God saw to it that this universe creates a lot of it. Enjoy the video.