SSL issues with at least 30 sites directing to mine

Note – this has been solved with my own initiative since my provider was not going to fix this without charging an arm and a leg and to pass the problem on to the next site owner with SSL on the shared server I was hosting on. I fixed the issue! See the article on how I did this and the new site to catch these non-ssl sites that end up accidentally visiting my site root by directing them to

If you are from one of many sites accidentally getting to my site home page, listen up:  My provider has a mis-configured server hosting my site and many others and it’s creating all manner of issues for at least 30 sites.

My provider is aware of the issue, but sent me a letter after I opened a ticket and basically said I needed to buy ALL OF YOU each an SSL certificate rather than accept that THEIR SERVER IS MISCONFIGURED. It’s not going to happen. Nothing personal, but I’m not buying all of you an SSL cert, but I am trying to help and get you aware of the problem by forcing the issue to the fore-front.

The issue is that for SSL connections to your sites, somehow my SSL certificate is being pulled rather than the default one that is supposed to be provided by my provider.

I’m at the end of my tether since my Google results are completely screwed up and I’m getting increasingly angry at the indifference being shown with this since I started asking for assistance.

My site was recently moved to a new server and when this happened, it seems my SSL cert is now the main cert for all of you. It’s pretty obvious that there is an issue, but I’m getting nothing but crickets from the provider and since they won’t fix it, I’m going to make this the first thing people see when they get in to my front page for

So – Here is what to do: Open a ticket with your provider support and complain.  Cite this article. I’m making changes on my site to make sure everyone sees this and any 404 page errors also get directed to this post to the word gets out. After all, if they are going to make me the heavy here, then I get to call the shots on the traffic until this gets repaired.

Again – this is beyond my control to affect the mis-configured Apache server. But at least I can point this out very publicly and hopefully get someone’s attention at our provider. I’m trying to be nice in all of this, but to be ignored for two days as of this writing is now getting old and I have to do something not only for myself, but to help all of you who are affected by this.