Fall is here and Light5Media is humming along…

Much has been going on and with the arrival of the first rains of fall, California’s weather has gone from warm to distinctly cool.

I’m working hard on the business and weekly voice-overs and video shoots are part of the routine. I’ve learned a lot about the business of producing content and how YouTube works and am keeping my focus on what is important.

I’ve been getting into animation (in a very primitive way), but they came out good despite my initial thoughts of giving up on it in the following video.

Light5Media is one of the two YouTube channels I am throwing my efforts into and I am not going to quit. This work is paying off and staying the course is the answer.

The studio continues to evolve and improve, with the addition of new hardware to improve our vocals and deliver a better audio product. While voice-overs are an important part of the business, I’m keeping my eye on bigger fish and staying on-mission.