YouTube Broadcast Schedule

Afterburner One Channel

The Afterburner One channel is primarily dedicated to gaming topics such as game play, product reviews, console repairs, dumpster diving Gamestop and other stores, California’s Worst Drivers series, Real Life stories and our weekly mailbag.

Afterburner Broadcast Schedule:

  • Project Videos: Anytime during the week – Usually at least one to three videos.
  • Dumpster Diving Videos: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday – Sometimes on other days of the week as schedule allows.
  • California’s Worst Drivers: 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month
  • Mailbag and Commentary Episodes: Every Tuesday.
  • Anytime: As schedule and events allow, we will do live video on any of the above subject matter!


Light5 Media Channel

Light 5 media presents five of the most unusual, interesting, bizarre and compelling stories from subjects ranging from A to Z across the world, the universe and beyond.

Light5 Media Broadcast Schedule:


  • New Episode Every Friday