What is Life if not an adventure?

Me on an iceberg at Cook Inlet in Alaska in 1992

Some people claim we have lived before and shall live again and I have no disagreement with that belief, but I do believe that THIS Life is an adventure and thus it makes sense to LIVE it to the fullest possible extent.

A wise man grabbed me by the face in my early twenties and said forcefully to me that I needed to get off my duff and make a list of things I’d like to do with my life. And so, I simply took the advice and made that list.

Me at the famous Red Star hallway at Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage Alaska

Did I accomplish everything I would have liked? No, but I sure made good memories trying. I got a LOT farther than I expected and the list undergoes regular revisions to match my current interests and goals.

What are we but collectors of memories? I want my life to be filled with good memories to look back on when I can’t get out and do amazing things. And this is all going to be reflected here on this site.

I’ve had the pleasure of walking on an active volcano next to molten lava and staring into the very heart of a extinct volcanic vent (and almost falling in!), air combat against Top Gun and Red Star fighter pilots, meeting a future President, diving in the Pacific only to find out I was surrounded by large sharks later and running for my life from an angry Grizzly bear in Montana in the spring of 2000. Well… Maybe not all HAPPY memories, but I survived them!

May your life be as filled with good memories as well!

Filmed by myself in the back of a CJ-6 Fighter Trainer