The Founder


Afterburner” you ask?

Why that term?

Until recently, I had spent a lifetime in the service of my country and I was comfortable being around people who liked to make things go REALLY fast. Back when I started with the aerospace company I began working for, I joined a lot of other guys windsurfing in our group because it was such a kick. And… the business of IT was a lot more unregulated and interesting because you could really chart your own course more easily that it is today. It was a rich territory and not too unlike the old West.

Fast forward to six years ago and I found myself in the back of a CJ-6 fighter trainer and rediscovered the thrill I had for speed and with a little sizzle thrown in to boot.

Jet forward a little more and I found myself sitting in the back of the same aircraft doing simulated combat in the air over Southern California against ex Top Gun and Red Flag fighter pilots. To say these guys “Can Do” attitude inspired me would be the understatement of the year. It was awesome to experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

I absolutely love Aerospace. What we did and do is amazing. And as I enter a new phase of my life, I plan to take that enthusiasm with me. I still work for that aerospace company as I write this, but that is fast closing as a chapter closes the end of a good book and a new book is started.

So… What did I do in 32 years of service to a company and my country? Let’s just say I had a lot of fun doing cool things with robotics, pioneering the web at our company and developing award winning software systems. I enjoyed being the first to explore streaming media services and sat 700 feet from an Atlas V solid rocket motor in 2001 streaming the video of it’s thundering roar to the company brass, the Pentagon and Lockheed. To say I’ve been lucky to be involved in so many cool technologies is an understatement. I’ve been very privileged.

Then along comes rough times and things get… well… not so fun. Add “outsourcing” to the mix and you can forget all the cool stuff you once did. In fact, it was downright depressing. One wonders at what you did wrong when all the springs come off the ship and you watch everyone bailing off.

I had to reach deep and look within and found I STILL want to do things that are cool. It’s just that the workplace world has changed so much I can barely recognize it.

Now IT is a commodity service and the old roles don’t mean much. In fact, it has made me question ever going back to be part of an IT company ever again. So… It’s a world without permanent jobs unless you own the company yourself. Working for yourself seems the be the new paradigm along with helping others to succeed.

So what is a guy with 35 years of IT experience to do? Well… I’m going to NOT give up, that is for sure. And I want to get that enthusiasm back. So…  I’m starting my own business using a whole host of skills and talents I’ve developed and will go it alone to start. I’ve got a plan, some cool ideas and the heart to do it. So… Look out world. I’m getting creative ;>)

So… Let’s talk coding cool apps, designing web systems, filming expeditions into the unknown, voice over work, consultation and even inspirational speaking and you get the drift. I’ve got a lot of skills and tricks I’ve picked up over the years and it’s time to make good use of them to help others to succeed. That’s the point of business and having skills in the first place. To succeed. To Win.

That is what Afterburner means. To achieve maximum speed. To use energy to make things happen. To Win.

How can I use my talents to help YOU?

If you want to message me and talk about doing something interesting, profitable and fun, let’s talk. Hit the Contact link and I’ll be in touch!