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Afterburner One is a media and software design company, producing a variety of media in the form of books video productions, audio productions, radio programs, software creation, and voice overs.

We own and operate a number of YouTube channels ( Afterburner and Light5Media as prominent examples) promoting a wide array of topics including reality videos, channels about the mysterious side of life and the paranormal.

We also produce on-air radio programs on Facebook Live, pioneering an entirely new platform for radio production and delivery.

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Light5Media is a “Top 5” channel, produced weekly to share Top-5 content covering a range of subjects such as the paranormal, UFOs, the mysterious, missing people and the odd and unusual.

In the near future, we will be producing a line of meditation and relaxation MP3 products as well as motivational MP3s and video. A number of books, fictional and non-fiction are in the process of being written and one will be released to Amazon before the end of 2017.

We do consult with customers who require custom web and application programming . From writing award winning file transfer systems for the aerospace industry to custom programming for a variety of companies such as a painting business and client tracking system that is still in operation two decades after it was created, we do it all.

With our decades of web administration and management skills, we can provide unique insights on how to improve your business or personal web site installation, metrics, impact and design.

Our 35 years of IT experience and decades of web site creation, engineering and tuning is available to interested persons/companies. If you wish to contact us, please visit the “Contact” link to reach us.