Hello! I have put this page up to insure that visitors to my online marketplace know how I work and how we sell items plus our policies. I appreciate you visiting my page here to learn more about my Facebook  policies.

I LOVE TO HAGGLE AND DO BUNDLE DEALS. Unless I say “Firm” on price for an item, we can go to town haggling to find an agreeable price.

Availability and Communication

  1.  Items I post ARE available. I place this in the description to each item and remove the item when sold. There is no need to ask me if an item is available because if it is still posted, it IS available.
  2. I try VERY hard to get back to you as soon as possible, but may be out and unavailable when your message arrives. I *will* respond when I am back home.
  3. I will text you a meeting location if we agree on an item.

How I deliver items

  1. I meet people in one of two PUBLIC places near my home. I do not deliver to your doorstep unless it is someone I know. My safety and yours matter and in public is the best place to do our business. And yes, people have tried to get me to meet in some very dodgy places.
  2. If you have to ask me my location and don’t read the location clearly printed on the ad, I won’t be answering your message. Sorry, but if you can’t take the time to fully read the advertisement, I already know this interaction isn’t going to go well.
  3. For 99% of my sales, I sell locally to my area and close to my home. If I happen to be going out to an area far away from home, I might be willing to meet elsewhere IN PUBLIC for obvious safety reasons.
  4. I categorically do NOT ship items out unless I say so in the description for the item. If I DO choose to ship, it is because it is convenient for me to do so and the customer is willing to pay the shipping charges. These are special cases and not the norm.
  5. I do not drive long distances to deliver items. And yes, people have asked me to drive over 100 miles to deliver a $5 item. Not going to happen.
  6. I do not sell separate parts of a complete item I am selling. In other words, I do not take bits out to sell from an item and leave me with an incomplete item. And yes, I’ve been asked to do that.
  7. If a message series runs on and on with no apparent decision to buy or there is a lot of dithering and demands to accommodate the buyer that become unreasonable , I will terminate the discussion. I have plenty of other people who will buy an item and are serious purchasers who get right to the point.


  1. I do not give away items for free. As the old saying goes… “There is no free lunch”.  And yes… I’ve been asked to give away items I am selling.
  2. I love to haggle! It is a lot of fun and I love to find the right price agreeable to me and you! If I do say the word “firm” on price, then it is because that item is priced that way for good reason.
  3. I do bundle deals and am always glad to put multiple items into a custom package for you. It will depend on the items and what I think will return a profit to me, but hit me up. I’m very easygoing.
  4. I speak only English.
  5. I provide a written receipt with my sales. This is for my records and yours.


  1. I WILL NOT put up with insults, nasty behavior or crude language. I expect to be treated with respect just as I treat others with respect. And yes, I’ve experienced these behaviors from people I’ve never talked with before, messaging me to say terrible things and engage in terrible behaviors. And I WILL take action to insure these people will not be communicating with me again.
  2. My time is valuable. I will value your time as well and expect you to treat me the same. If I am going to be late due to life issues and will miss a meeting with you, I will let you know as soon as possible and hope you do the same for me.
  3.  If you respect me and treat me with dignity, I will go out of my way to be accommodating to you. Manners and etiquette go a long ways in this world.