Dumpster Diving?

Yes, you read right… A former webmaster (me) for a large fortune 500 company found happiness diving in dumpsters rather than sitting in a cubicle being pressured to death doing a job he ultimately came to detest.

Life is short and doing what is expected of you is the LAST route to happiness. The only real path to success is to follow your heart and try new things that pique your interest and challenge your boundaries.

After I retired, I learned I had a bad back issue and I couldn’t sit in a cubicle anymore. I had entertained the idea of doing the normal consulting route and doing what so many of my co-workers had done and followed the expected route for my career wind-down.

The back issue changed all of that and I had to confront my limits and choose a path more suited to what I could do. And in that set of limitations I found happiness and a purpose! And to hell with what anyone else thought of it! “Follow Your Bliss” they say and that is what I am doing.

I found that diving dumpsters, prowling thrift stores and keeping an eye out online for consoles and retro game systems was what I found to be interesting. The world of dumpster diving is a vast and never-ending resource with many highways and byways that can provide something for everyone. I’ve managed to save quite a few interesting things from ending up in a land-fill and have done my part to re-use and find value in things that others tossed away.

There is an old saying: “Never Judge a Book By It’s Cover” and this is SO true. So next time you see someone diving in a dumpster, stop and talk to them. You’ll find a perfectly normal human being in many cases who has had the courage to be different and who is doing something beneficial for the world rather than destructive.

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