Happiness… It is yours for the taking

Be FREE and HAPPY! It is your birthright from God!

Isn’t it striking that so many people define “happiness” by what others do for them and by imposing their definitions and restrictions on the people around them?

One only has to look at the events of the past two years to see just how many controllers are deeply unhappy with seeing happy people living their lives.

And countless people have bought into the great media lie in that time frame and are miserable as a result. However, things have begun to change as millions, if not billions, are waking up to realize the great truths and see through the lies we are fed. They see their happiness being robbed not by the controllers, but by their own beliefs and choices that allowed their minds to be controlled by the controllers. Once this realization is reached, the awake mind cannot be put back to sleep. It truly is a miracle and God’s way of letting us know we are free and can be happy if we simply CHOOSE to be.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this odd universe we live in is strange enough without suffering under the restrictions of what other people define as the happiness they think YOU SHOULD embrace.

Happiness is a purely individual state of mind and very subjective to say the least. If someone is happy in their life but the ones who wish to control them see this as making THEM unhappy. How do you change it so YOU and the ones you love are happy? Read on my friend.

Perhaps no better statement of how to get through these challenging times is spoken better than the post by Peter Sweden that I have included here in this article. He said it best. Of course, it is YOUR choice how to resist the media and the controllers, but this is a darned good start by my estimation.

it is clear how this will go in a social context if you don’t choose your happiness but leave it to others to define it for you. They don’t want you happy. They want compliance and misery helps them reach that goal of stealing your happiness to enhance theirs. We only have to turn on the television and immediately are doused in bad news 24×7. Remember that the media are not there to create happiness for you. There is a REASON they call their content “programming”. You either mindlessly submit your brain to programming so you enter the unhappy zone or… you engage in life and turn off their connection to control your brain and live life as it was meant to be, happy and free.

The best way to be happy? Turn off the TV and radio and take the advice in the post by Peter Sweden I have included in this article. Just be happy and ignore the controllers who want to make your life miserable. They profit from your unhappiness. Your mission is to be happy and leave them in the dust where they belong.

Leave the ones who embrace and love misery to their wallow and you will have discovered the secret to life. Remember, this is only ONE of you. YOU are unique and a mystery unto yourself in this very strange universe. Celebrate that uniqueness and BE FREE.