New Main Section: Astronomy

Astrophotograph taken from my home near Sacramento, Ca. Nikon D80 with 200mm lens

Admittedly, I have interests that tend to drift all over the place and I had a recent fascination with dumpster diving, gaming and trying to figure out what to do with myself as a retired guy. Then… I rediscovered Astronomy…

i am sort of restating my interest with astronomy here since I’ve written a couple of other posts on this… I have been busy getting the gear I have working again and it’s been a ton of fun.

One day about 2 months ago, I saw a article on modern day computerized telescopes and realized I had completely forgotten about my early teens and  twenties activity of building telescopes and scanning the night skies with friends at the local astronomy group. I had a lot of fun back then and a 10-nano-second emotional scan had me realizing that I really LOVED astronomy and now was the time to get back into it.

I would say I was instantly captivated by all the technical improvements in amateur astronomy that have occurred over the last twenty-five years I was essentially absent from the hobby.

I had made several false starts back into astronomy over the years, but my career always got in the way, along caring for sick family, so now that I was retired, this was the time to get back into things.

Before I knew it, I had a bunch of used telescopes and optics to recondition and an observatory plan to be built this year. I found a smattering of parts from my original two reflector telescopes, a 6 inch F8 reflector and a 4 1/4 inch F4 Richest Field Reflector and a few of my old books and some eyepieces from back in the day. I also had a GOTO telescope from Celestron, a 130SLT model that needed some mild work to get back into shape. I also had picked up a neat little 4 1/4 inch National Geographic that was really portable with a nice GEM mount plus a Celestron 4 1/4 inch F10 portable, all of which will be field scopes for star parties.

Books… Been ordering star charts, books like Burnham’s Celestial Guides 1 through 3, Turn Right at Orion and more… So much to get reacquainted with.

As for astrophotography, I just got a new Meade Adventure Scope and a DSLR adapter to fit my two Nikons to so I can get into astrophotography. We’ll see how that all goes. Right now I’m figuring out how to attach it to one of my German Equatorial Mounts and working out polar alignment and other technical matters.

So… we’re heading deep into all things astronomy and while I retain my other interests, they will be much more occasionally talked about here while I get into something very near and dear to my heart.