Bushcraft and Survival – New direction and focus.

As a kid, I had one of those idyllic lives, living in the Sierras and avoiding much of the negativity that goes with living in cities. Weekends spent roaming the Sierra mountains and never spending too much time in front of a TV or computer.

I actually remember going to the local Western Auto in Paradise, California and it was a local hangout for everyone.  It had that 1950s sort of optimism about it and was just plain fun to visit.

They carried EVERYTHING. It’s too bad Sears bought the chain out and then immediately trashed it as a brand since it really was one of those iconic and wonderful places for a kid to spend time and dream… Way before Amazon, yes, this is what we did ;>) And they even carried stuff like fishing supplies and outdoor gear.

One of the things we loved doing was spending time in the outdoors. In fact, before the term “Bushcrafting” came about, we called this activity “Outdoors Living” – LOL!

We got by on a lot less of the fancy gear that people have now and for a lot fewer dollars since people didn’t have the disposable income they have today. We had to be inventive and stretch resources to make solutions that would work. And now that I am retired and revisiting these subjects in my late 50s, I’m enjoying the rediscovery and channeling my energies to these subjects as a primary activity.

As some prior posts have noted, I’m moving my primary video channel to BitChute and will post videos there first and then the same videos at a later schedule on YouTube due to the censorship issues that YouTube and Google have chosen to engage in. Better to put your faith in the First Amendment and in video streaming providers that don’t engage in tearing down our rights.

Free speech is a lot like survival gear and knowledge. If you don’t engage in learning it and then go to use it and find yourself without it, things can go south in a hurry.

Best to use Free Speech and refuse to give it up to forces that wish to take it away.

The channel is undergoing a shift towards Bushcraft and Survival technique and tech being featured, but will still retain some of it’s old feel as well. The goal with the survival/bushcraft emphasis is to share my unique perspective on these subjects and to share my experiences and also my lifetime of outdoor experiences that I have acquired. Should be a lot of fun and I’ll learn a thing or two in the process and hope you do too.

We’re shooting new video now and should be posting new video in the coming week! Spring is here and the weather is great! Get out and enjoy the outdoors!